I think it was George Lucas who said “A movie is never finished, just abandoned.” I think Ted Templeman probably said the same thing about every record he made with Van Halen.

The story so far…

Got the site up. It’s about dang time, too.

For those interested in my musical endeavors: Romeo Riot’s “Sing It Loud” is available on the Kivel Records label at CD Baby, NEH Records, and iTunes. It’s been described as the Bon Jovi record they’ll never make. I just think of it as a good rock n roll album. Plus, I wrote one of the songs on the album, the only one with cuss words in it. Go figure.

The new Bombay Black album is in the final tracking stages as a certain lead guitarist is working his fiery soloing magic, blazing up his fretboard with some smokin’ leads and scorching… and, uh… Ever notice how anytime a guitarist’s lead work is referenced, it’s always got something to do with fire? What’s up with that?