“Castles may tumble. That’s fate after all, life’s really funny that way
…sang the wrong melody. Let’s play it back… see what it sounds like, hey hey!”

– Bing Crosby, from an outtake while recording ‘Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (and Dream Your Troubles Away)’

What’s happened since last time? Lots of life changes. I moved, got a much better internet connection (like going from a Mazda GLC to a Corvette!), built a new vocal booth, did/doing album projects, and working with Country artist Ryan Harmon, who tried out for American Idol and got as far as a televised segment where he was told to go to Nashville instead of Hollywood and received three “optimistic No’s”. He’s only 24 but his knowledge of Country music is almost encyclopedic. He’s equally comfortable throwin’ down some Merle Haggard or Cinderella.

I completed the Apocalypse Crusade audiobook series with Book Five, which is available as well as a “box set” of the first three Apocalypse Crusade book. You’ll find them at audible.com

The big news right now is the Covid-19 epidemic. My take: Blame is useless right now. The government will do what it will do but we’ve got to handle the day-to-day ourselves.  Let’s deal with the problem, “flatten the curve” as they say. Inconvenient? Sure. Irritating? Absolutely. Necessary? You betcha.

Take care of your people and love the ones who love you back.

And, maybe even the ones who don’t. : ) – E